Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are two peas a pod

The first 100 days of the presidency of Donald Trump have been anything but inspiring. Due to his inept appointments and overall inability to build a viable management team, it is obvious that Trump had no expectation of winning the presidency. The Donald has displayed his lack on intellect as well, and in various situations is often unable to “see the forest” because of all the trees.

That said, Trump is uniquely equipped to handle a dicey world situation but doesn’t “get it.” As Korean dictator Kim Jong Un rattles his nearly-nuclear saber, the world watches, and Trump does nothing more than beat his own war drum. Fact of the matter, Donald and Kim are two peas in the same pod. Each is a megalomaniac who demands praise and attention.

So Trump could solve the Korean problem by inviting Kim Jong Un to Mar-a-Lago, play a few rounds of golf with the dictator, then lavish him with a Trump dinner, which he could top-off with a piece of “best in the world” chocolate cake. It would be a win for Kim because the world would see that he was being courted by an American president, thus a “world leader.” And a win for Trump also because his personal attention to Kim would open a direct line of communication to a historically secretive dictator. So, go to it, Donald!

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, Mo.