Letters to the Editor

Do you even cover Collinsville at all?

For some time we have been so disappointed in the BND. We are longtime readers of your newspaper. You don’t miss a beat when our subscription is about to run out. You have one of your employees calling us, “Johnny on the spot” when we need to renew our subscription. We read your paper every day, trying to keep up on local news. Lo and behold! Nothing in about Collinsville again. Guess what – Collinsville is having an election too. We’re having a township election. Quite a few people are running for trustee. We are about to vote on a one-cent sales tax, as are other communities. I’m sure other items will be on the ballot also; however, I can’t say for sure because we haven’t read any word of it in your newspaper. All we know are the poster signs we read. Do you have a reporter at all covering Collinsville news? I guess my husband and I will have to seek another paper or just go to the computer to read anything we are interested in.

Nancy Robinson, Collinsville