Letters to the Editor

Editorial Board makes Belleville sound like nightmare town

I have a real love-hate relationship with the BND. I think the reporting is top notch and a perfect example of why communities benefit so much from good journalism.

But man, oh man, the Editorial Board is seriously in need of a Xanax.

Yes, St. Clair County needs a watchdog to speak truth to power, but that voice has become shrill and hyperbolic. If I didn’t live here and I only read the Opinion pages of the BND, I would assume it’s a dystopian nightmare town full of garbage fires and roving bands of gangs stabbing little old ladies on every street corner.

From my vantage point, I’ve watched development spread, slowly but surely, especially along 15. And I appreciate the hard work that has gone into persuading more stores and restaurants to set down roots in our community.

Has it all gone perfectly? Nope. The German brewhouse is an embarrassment, but I’m still confident that it will be completed ... eventually.

And the airport took a TON of tax money to prop up, but it’s a long term investment and I’m confident that it will become profitable ... eventually.

My point is not to dismiss legitimate criticism, but could we get a little more constructive with that criticism? Something beyond “TAXES BAD! FIRE HOT!”?

Shannon Russell, Belleville