Letters to the Editor

Everyone should consider government consolidation

I favor government consolidation. I live in Madison County. In St. Clair County it is the same. We have too many, often conflicting and overlapping, local government agencies. There are too many elected and appointed politicians, too many supervising boards, committees and councils. There are too many administrators.

Are you represented by these administrators, boards and councils, or controlled by them? Governments want and need your tax money. Every public school, public works department, and every social service agency wants their share. Every public building needs maintenance.

In your community, who is really deciding where the tax dollars get spent? When cuts or freezes in spending are needed, who gets cut first? Are there essential services that can never be cut?

In our local governments, is it officially written what is first in line for funding and what is last in priority? Is it always the weakest and least influential that get cut first? Is it true that it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease? And who is holding the oilcan?

Government consolidation to reduce administrative costs is an issue that everyone should consider, and present to every government official at every opportunity.

David J. Busse, Maryville