Letters to the Editor

Any Republicans listening?

“Expanded and Improved Medicare for All,” H.R. 676, added its 108th (as of May 4) co-sponsor. For the first time, a majority of House Democrats support single payer national health insurance.

Medicare is a very popular government program. The first Republican to co-sponsor the bill will go down in history as a states-person, not “just another politician.”

We talk a lot about “affordable care.” The United States spends nearly six times as much per capita on health care administration as the average developed country, with poorer outcomes. Private insurance administrative costs are about 17 percent, Medicare’s only 2 percent.

During 30 years as health system COO/CEO, I’ve heard people say, “Keep government out of my Medicare!” No, the health and safety of the people is a prime government concern, and Medicare promotes both at lower cost.

Improving Medicare and making it available to everyone would be a smart move. Any courageous Republican representative listening?

Richard Ellerbrake, Lebanon