Letters to the Editor

East St. Louis election was all about absentee ballots

The East St. Louis April 4 election was more about what team had the better ground game to beg, solicit, barter or steal to get absentee ballots. With only 5,324 voting in this election, there were 2,633 casting their vote by mail; (and) 2,691 were either grace period, early voters or same day poll voters. There are 19,071 registered, and 13,747 decided not to vote, allowing the outcome of the election be decided by the vote-by-mail ballots. The absentee and early voting roundup may be the new way to predict the outcome of elections in the city. Although the party bus may have slowed the momentum of their early voting, it still could have been enough to predict election results. The surrounding communities tend to learn from the success of the vote by mail and capitalize from it as well.

The absentee voters also elected a new councilman. He will have to make a decision to work with the mayor and city manager agenda or follow the agenda set by the council. If it is the agenda of the council, they may vote to terminate the city manager’s contract. Already, the mayor has had three city managers in two years, each having a contract and a severance package at taxpayers’ expense. Although councilwoman LaToya Greenwood has only attended a few meetings since being elected state representative, she could show up voting to terminate his contract if it is one of their agenda items.

Dorothy Joshway, East St. Louis