Letters to the Editor

Universities are becoming an educational joke

The BND asks is it fair that SIUC gets 70 percent of state funding and SIUE only gets 30 percent? What do the taxpayers think? SIUC is out of money and asking SIUE for a loan. Universities are becoming an educational joke, unable to graduate sufficient numbers of students with degrees in the sciences to fill demand. Students are graduating with unemployable degrees and a national average debt of $25,000.

Universities continue to hire more professors, who are demanding more money and fewer working hours. Professors’ assistants are joining unions, then demanding more money with less work. Reality is, these institutions of lesser learning are being run by fiscally incompetent clowns. School administrations are very similar to Illinois Democratic politicians. They aren’t smart enough to solve the problems they created, but they sure can spend other people’s money. Like the Illinois politicians, the cry of the university administration clowns is, “Give us more money”!

Most alarming are the parents of these students. Unable to provide their kids intelligent guidance on debt or career choices. Then they complain about the high cost of education. That’s why poor Johnny, with a psychology degree, can’t find a job, lives at home and has $25,000 in debt to pay off. Time the universities learn the hard lessons of life. Let them go bankrupt and learn to live with in the means of their bloated budgets. If that means dumping useless professors and degree majors, then so be it.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon