Letters to the Editor

Why didn’t Obama do something about it?

If a letter in this forum overflows with racist anti-white comments, and/or is regurgitating slavery as if it were still the law of the land, chances are better than not it’s written by Frankie Seaberry.

Seaberry’s latest narrow-minded maniacal manuscript attempts to hold all whites responsible for the woes of all blacks. She mentions black children being torn from their families and sold into slavery. Hello? Those black people were kidnapped in their homeland and sold by blacks. YOUR race, Ms. Seaberry, sold humans beings into slavery.

Seaberry wants reparations from the ancestors of whites to make amends for “masses of blacks still suffering ... because of slavery.” The key words here are “ancestors” and “still suffering.” If any “blood ancestors” of slaves can prove they are “still suffering because of slavery,” they should seek compensation from “blood ancestors” of slave owners and slave sellers, be they white, black, African or whatever. They should be required to prove their actual damages, not my feelings are hurt damages. And if blacks were “still suffering” because of slavery, why didn’t Obama do something about it?

If your blood ancestors were NOT slaves, and my blood ancestors DID NOT own slaves, then we’re irrelevant to the reparations issue. Period. I just wonder, is Seaberry a blood relative of a slave? Or is she just trying to cash in for herself and others who have about as much kinship with slaves as I do.

Gary Like, Highland