Letters to the Editor

State of the United States

I am writing because I am gravely concerned about the direction America is taking. I see hypocrisy on both sides, but given the loud and frequent criticism by GOPers about Obama, HRC and Dems generally the near total silence from them about Trump is hypocrisy at an undefinable level.

Trump’s conflicts, associations and behavior completely eclipse ANYTHING Obama or HRC have done. Where is GOP outrage about this? Why is it OK for him to assume monarchical privileges? Is it partisanship? Are our national “leaders” and elected officials no more than hyper-partisan buttheads? If you are wealthy enough you can do whatever you want to in America? REALLY? Are Republicans OK with Trump or are they afraid of him? Where is the political courage, the will to stand up for American values?

The middle class has been (dumped) upon since the 80s. “Supply-side” economics have been great ... FOR THE SUPPLY SIDE. Capitalism has devolved into feudalism. Politicians call it “privatization. I call it “#profitocracy”. EVERYTHING in America takes a backseat to profit, INCLUDING HEALTH CARE. Where is the morality in for-profit healthcare?

Where are the men and women “of good character and judgment” our founders envisioned for elected office? Not in D.C. D.C. is where people go to get rich, grab power, feed egos or all the above. D.C. is a #HavenfortheCravenDC.

This IS NOT a partisan letter. I’m not anti-profit. I’m not anti-business. I am anti-excess. I am anti-partisan. I am anti-hypocrisy. I AM PRO-AMERICA.

Terry Lochmann, Collinsville