Letters to the Editor

Read the news from as many sources as possible

A Trump-forever person wrote approvingly that our so-called president “pulverized” the Syrian air base that had launched a gas attack on civilians, including children.

No such thing occurred. A part of the base might have been pulverized, especially runways, but one runway was operational the next day. So much for doing anything to stop the killing!

Also, Trump was afraid to hit the part of the base housing Russian accomplices to that same gas attack and other cases of mass slaughter of civilians by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. So the Russians got off scot-free.

The days since that U.S. attack are the same as the ones before it: filled with the slaughter of innocents by the Syrian dictator. Nothing has changed! Is that something to brag about?

The attack was a symbolic gesture, not meant to have any effects lasting more than a day or two. It was good for headlines. Years of observation have taught me that a person — liberal or conservative — does something symbolic about a problem when he knows he can’t do anything actual about it. It gives one the feel-good illusion that he’s actually accomplished something.

A helpful hint to avoid such confusion: Please read the news, and from as many sources as possible. Please don’t rely on Fox Fake News for your understanding of the world. It provides one — usually distorted — sliver of a much larger picture.

Ron Logsdon, Breese