Letters to the Editor

Immigration laws as a political weapon

So The Donald and the Republicans are proclaimed to be the epitome of pure evil and hatred for wanting to enforce this country’s immigration laws, while the Democrats are portrayed as the party of love and compassion for wanting to protect those here illegally. But if the last eight years have shown us anything, the opposite is probably more accurate. If the Democrat Party actually cared a whit about those here illegally, they would’ve changed the immigration laws when they had the chance. As most of you probably know, the Democrats had a super majority in Congress for the first two years of the Obama administration. They could’ve passed any law they desired with no obstacles whatsoever. The Dems could’ve changed every federal immigration law on the books at will. But they didn’t. Could it be that the Democrats really don’t care that much about the immigrants themselves and just want to keep the current laws on the books in order to use the immigration issue as a political weapon against Republicans? He asks rhetorically.

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle