Letters to the Editor

Obama succeeded in dividing our country

Propelled by a corrupt leftist media and a hatred for America, Obama succeeded in dividing our country into hostile factions of discontent. He deceived the masses using “hope and change” as cover to “fundamentally transform America.” As POTUS, Obama used presidential power to advance the evil agenda of the progressive left to bring down the U.S.

Resentful of American Constitutional freedoms and market-based economy, Obama was educated to believe that America is racist and unfair. Raised by grandparents sympathetic to Communism, a radical activist mother and absentee Muslim father. Obama was tutored by Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis. Through the Muslim Brotherhood, Davis collaborated with the families of Valarie Jarrett and David Axelrod also connected to Communist and Islamic causes. After practicing Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as a community agitator, Obama was ready to use his glib tongue for politics. In 1995 Obama launched his political career from the Chicago home of domestic terrorist Bill Ayres.

This began Obama’s rise to power from corrupt Chicago politics to the presidency; made possible by his co-conspirators and a dishonest media that concealed his record. As POTUS, Obama succeeded in all metrics of damage to America. A wrecked economy, decimated military, crime and violence, war on police, illegal immigration, race relations, with rising terrorism topping a long list attributable to Obama’s destructive policies. It’s difficult to prove intent but can there be any doubt, knowing his record? Now Obama collects $400,000 per speech. The progressive left calls that SUCCESS!

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon