Letters to the Editor

Hillary Clinton is blaming loss on FBI — again

So, Hillary Clinton is once again, and still, blaming the FBI for her loss in the 2016 election. It’s a nice piece of placing responsibilities for failure outside of oneself. It’s not that she failed/declined to answer the pleas from Benghazi, nor that she said nothing in the campaign that would respect the difficult challenges met by street-side law enforcement folk. It’s not that in advocating complete gun bans she ignored the role of riflemen in American history. Nor is it her silence as Barack Obama’s Justice Department moved to take over local government functions.

No, and not that she led a party that dictates policy from its elite contributors over and against the wants and needs of the party’s ordinary citizens. Certainly moms and dads of military sons and daughters, electors who are sportsmen gun owners, small town mayors and councils, “Reagan Democrat” Catholics had no issues with this failed candidacy. It’s all because of FBI’s Director James Comey. Come on, Ms. Clinton, get a new email server and a new schtick!

Richard Wagner, Highland