Letters to the Editor

Keep your opinions to yourself

Bill Malec wrote a letter about you, this time is was your take on Ms. Maddow’s efforts to expose Mr. Trump’s tax returns. Please, Mr. Pitzer, you need to keep your opinions to yourself, as they are egregious, ridiculous, unconscionable and just plain stupid. My suggestion is to develop a mentality that is compassionate, not belligerent or asinine. You are condescending in your rhetoric, you are a very small-minded person who can only deal with small-minded ideas. Just quit until you gain an understanding of what’s good for the larger masses of people. Our government, like you, should concern themselves with doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people, a great middle class, and creating jobs with a great environment not just small special interest groups or doing things that just get them elected. That’s small mindedness. Can that strike a tone in you?

Dan Weaver, Belleville