Letters to the Editor

Does he have answers to my many questions?

Ho, hum. Another letter full of innuendos and unverified assertions from writer Gene Robke. He criticizes President Donald Trump’s ban, not on Muslims as Robke states, but on people coming from countries where terrorism flourishes. Barack Obama did the same thing. I don’t recall Robke objecting to that. Robke also says Trump’s attacks on the press is a violation of the First Amendment. Does Robke really believe the press can attack you but you can’t attack them? Evidently Robke’s bosom buddy and failed president Obama didn’t. Obama denigrated Fox News on numerous occasions even to the point of tapping the phone of Fox newsman James Rosen. Obama hated Fox News because it was one of the few news outlets that had the courage to point out the lies, deceits and cover-ups of the Obama Administration. Did Obama violate the First Amendment also? And, by the way, there is no credible evidence that Trump had collusion with the Russians, only unverified leaks. And what’s all this crud about Trump warmongering with Iran to raise the price of oil? I think Robke has been out in the sun too long. In Robke’s last paragraph he calls Fox News “Fox Fake News.” Is he also in violation of the First Amendment since this is obviously an attack on the news media? I have many questions for Robke. Does he have any answers?

Leon Anderson, Collinsville