Letters to the Editor

Illinois lawmakers feel they have no fiscal responsibility

In response to your recent editorial, “Springfield Disconnect Can Be Fixed By Laying Off Lawmakers” ...

Illinois lawmakers obviously feel that they have no real fiscal responsibility. Instead, they envision an unlimited source of taxpayer funding, as they further the tax and spend politics that have long defined this state’s government. These are individuals that have no business representing our state’s people, as their core focus is far too self-serving and far too entrenched in special interests. And yet, Illinois party politics continues to assure them not only their positions, but the absolutely unrealistic and unsupportable benefits they’ve become accustomed to.

Sadly, it is our own populace that is truly to blame for the despicable governing of our state. How, or why, we continue to elect and retain ineffective, irresponsible, state representatives, who are destroying both lives and livelihoods with their absolutely gross incompetence, is far beyond me.

Wake up, people!!! We must demand not only term limits, but constitutional amendments that will reduce the pensions and benefits of not only new representatives, but the long-term politicians that have so thoughtlessly bled this state dry. Our pension debt is unsupportable, by any stretch of the imagination. Those that further such a complete financial fiasco should never have been put in the position to govern in the first place. They certainly cannot be allowed to retain those positions. It’s shameful that we continue to allow their maleficence. And ... we are responsible!!!

Bruce Aud, Belleville