Letters to the Editor

Profit is more important to health for Bost

As a family with young children and a pre-existing condition, my wife and I would like Congressman Mike Bost to explain why he feels an insurance company’s profit is more important than his constituents’ health and well-being. I would also like him to acknowledge that when he says pre-existing conditions will be covered under AHCA, that the changes he voted for makes that statement a lie. But when I went to Bost’s Facebook page to ask him, I found I couldn’t post anything there despite seeing my friends leave their opinions. I would like him to explain to my 8-month-old daughter why her mother’s health is less important than Blue Cross Blue Shield’s bottom line, but the Congressman has not held a public meeting since she was born.

If we look into American history our forerunners have left a guide for elected officials that put company profit over the well-being of their constituents and hide from public debate. Liars get tar. Chickens get feathers.

Chris Baker, Waterloo