Letters to the Editor

Belle Valley school board fails to take duties seriously

It is disgusting to constantly watch the Belle Valley school board, led by Board President Karen Kunz, engage in all types of improper behavior and being derelict in their duties.

One of their duties was to hire a new school superintendent. A few months ago they had a meeting to review the résumés of the 15 applicants who applied for the position. Not surprisingly, only four board members bothered to attend, and they spent a grand total of 50 minutes reviewing the fifteen résumés. That is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds per résumé. Also, they had former short-time board member Roberta Barth there as a “consultant.” That, I will never understand. By the time she got through “consulting” and allowing for other distractions, the remaining time for reviewing the résumés was probably reduced to 30 seconds each.

Selecting a school superintendent is one of the most important duties of a board, yet they again failed to take their duties seriously. Their behavior is unfair to the students, district residents, and those who submitted their résumés in good faith.

Ted Farmer, Belleville