Letters to the Editor

Bost talks one way, votes the other

During the recent April Congressional recess, Representative Mike Bost spent his time posting photo ops to social media. It was hard to ignore the number of people in these photo ops that would suffer greatly under budget cuts supported by Mr. Bost and the rest of the Republican Party.

On April 13 Bost got a photo op at Senior Services Plus, and on April 16 he got one with Meals on Wheels. He called Meals on Wheels “vitally important” and spoke about the impact federal budget cuts would have on programs important to seniors. Yet Mike Bost supports and has voted for Paul Ryan’s budgets that would dramatically cut these programs vital to seniors, and which would turn Medicare into a coupon program.

On April 18, Bost wrote in favor of the president’s “Buy American, Hire American” initiative. But Bost and the rest of the Republicans actually stripped “Buy American, Hire American” language from the recently passed Water Infrastructure Bill. Again the words don’t match the actions.

On April 19, Bost made a stop at a Carbondale Head Start, a place where he said “children grow mentally, socially, emotionally and physically.” Yet again, both the 2015 Paul Ryan Budget that Bost voted for and the 2016 Ryan Budget proposal would have drastically cut Head Start programs.

Facebook posts are much easier than actually putting your money, or vote, where your mouth is, and unfortunately for the constituents in the 12th district, Bost talks one way and votes another.

Nate Keener, Alton