Letters to the Editor

Being a good American should be a priority

In the late 1890s my ancestors came to this country from Italy and Germany. The big melting pot of the world, but instead of a nice smooth mixture, we have quite a few lumps.

When my ancestors came here they wanted to fit in, so they did learn English, and as broken as it might have been they used it and made their children use it as well. Still keeping their native language in their hearts.

They got their citizenship papers and became a part of our country. I’m sure that had to be difficult, but because they did I can proudly be an American.

It appears now, maybe in defiance, people from other countries claim they want to be here (to make a better living), but not a part of the melting pot, thus becoming one of those lumps.

The crazy equal rights folks have these rallies that cause riots, disruption and people getting hurt.

Everyone has the right to be an individual, live their lives in harmony with the world around them, have the faith of their choice, and go after their dreams for the best lives for themselves and their families. Becoming legal citizens, using the American language, and having a standard of living to be proud of.

No matter what color, race, religion that you have been brought up to believe in, or sexual preference, being a good American should be a priority.

Betty Wright, Freeburg