Letters to the Editor

French election demonstrates maturity, intelligence

The French people have always believed that they were more intelligent and sophisticated than were members of the Anglo worlds of America and England. The French view of life is more relaxed and not so dominated by a need to succeed. It is said of the French they “work to live” while we and the Germans “live to work.”

Well, it has been emphatically demonstrated by the results of the French presidential election that the French are certainly more rational and intelligent than many Americans. The election of Emmanuel Macron demonstrates maturity and understanding of what is necessary to have a reasonable chance to move a nation forward so as to reap rewards for all its citizens. Macron advocates a strong European Union and that the benefits of globalization outweigh its risks.

This display of intelligence by the French voter stands in sharp and glaring contrast to our stupid and foolish decision to elect a moron of a clown to lead us into confusion and chaos, as has been so frequently demonstrated since Jan. 20. We must endure over three years and eight months of this ineptitude, lying, and ridicule before we can again take our place as a respected leader of the Western world.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon