Letters to the Editor

Why Hillary Clinton lost the election

Gursh Kurtzman is a NY Daily News reporter: “I voted for Clinton on November 8, and thought she would be a good president. But she lost and she is still blaming everyone but herself.”

“Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be writing a book, she should be drafting a long apology to the American people. Boo-Hoo! No one deserves more blame for the election loss than Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

According to Kuntzman, there are four reasons she lost the election. Untrustworthiness: Remember her fainting spell at the 911 Memorial ceremony? Remember how long it took her to tell the truth? Remember how that reminded every voter in America that Clinton’s first instinct is to lie?

Poorly run campaign: “Once she labeled Trump supporters as ‘basket of deplorables,’ the election was pretty much over.”

Private email server: “The only reason to use a private email provider and then delete parts of it, is you want to hide something from the public. Why would you do that?” (Duh!)

Lastly, you can blame Clinton’s tight relationship with Wall Street as a reason she lost to Donald Trump. (Double Duh!) “You can’t be a prostitute to Wall Street, and then go to church on Main Street.” (Oh, yes you can! The Clinton’s have done this for over 30 years.)

Now, re-read that first paragraph and then someone tell me, after all of the things he listed, just what an idiot this reporter and others libroids like him are.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland