Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on corruption, taxes, flooded road

Persecuted? Yup

Duebbert feels persecuted because he’s gay and a Republican. I believe it. Baricevic doesn’t talk like a judge, he talks like a politician. Look in the article where Baricevic says, “What would WE have to gain from doing this?” He keeps talking about himself like he’s the Democratic Party and he controls the county. It’s unbelievable how political this county is.

Raise the road

Time and again, Highway 50 over the Silver Creek, closes after a heavy rain. The people in charge of roads and highways should hang their heads in shame. All these years and they can’t bring that strip of road high enough to avoid the repeated closings? This forces local traffic to find an alternative route every time. Isn’t it about time they fixed a problem that effects so many people?

Democratic thieves

The most outrageous story I’ve read all year is about Ms. Reed, the Alorton mayor. Our state’s attorney is saying that he’s going to get her, but it’s not like they “got her” last time. Take a look at these campaign contributions from the crooked Democrats. They finance thieves for political office. She used to work for the sheriff’s office. When will the county figure this out and quit voting for these people.

Spinners for Reed

I think that Joanne Reed’s new car, paid for by taxpayers, should be outfitted at public expense with chrome spinners that make it appear that her wheels are turning when nothing whatsoever is moving forward.

Raise in Swansea

For the last couple of years, Swansea officials have raised our property taxes saying it was necessary for the unfunded police pension. Now, those same elected officials are preparing to give the village administrator a 10 percent pay increase. Five percent of that is a standard raise and the rest is being hidden as a “cash bonus.” Are all of the village employees getting a raise like that? And what about that shortage in the police pension fund? Maybe that’s why we have a shortage.

Fair trial in doubt

In the article about the juvenile charged with manslaughter, the statement that stands out to me is that he is allowed adult relatives to visit him at home. Why is that a stipulation other than the fact that the current Clinton County state’s attorney is a relative of his? In any other circumstances that would not be a condition.

Mayor’s $5,900 house

In your editorial about Rickie Thomas, why is the house in Washington Park only valued at $5,900? What transpired from 2013-2014 to lower it from $20k?

Thomas prosecution

I loved the Glenn McCoy cartoon about Rickie Thomas. What happens to Thomas now and how are the laws going to be enforced? I also look forward to Brendan Kelly and his prosecution to come. It’s too bad that St. Clair County voters didn’t get out to vote and get rid of these long-term politicians.

Residents ignored

The Highland Planning and Zoning Board could have saved a packed room of residents about 3 1/2 hours on May 10 by telling them up front that they intended to vote for all four proposals on the agenda. Clearly, the objections and concerns of the residents affected by the zoning change and the special use requests were of no concern to this board. When Chairman Brad Korte was asked why a “special” meeting was called for this rather than waiting for the regularly scheduled meeting June 7, his reply was “I just wanted to get this over with.” This same proposal was defeated by the City Council just three weeks ago. After submitting 109 signatures against the proposal for the April meeting, 213 were submitted on May 10. Chris Korte, Brad Wilken, and Austin Wilken wanted these changes. Residents numbering 213 did not.

Retire Durbin

U.S. Sen. Dickie Durbin is concerned that FBI Director Comey’s removal will undermine the Russian investigation. This was the same Durbin who wanted Comey fired during the Clinton email investigation. Durbin is getting old and can’t remember what he stands for from one day to the next. Time to retire Durbin on his excessive, gravy-train, federal pension.

Vanity, hubris

In 1991, the lady who handed out vanity plates for the state pleaded guilty in federal court for stealing $234,000. Then, she was hired eight years later by the Secretary of State’s office. Do these corrupt Democrats even care what people think about this? These politicians are destroying our state.

Political crime

About the sound off calling for the state attorney to investigate political crime, until we get an honest one, we’re not going to see any justice in St. Clair County. The attorney’s only loyalty is to County Auditor Patty Sprague. Nothing is going to happen.

MetroLink security

I take the MetroLink from Fairview Heights to Clayton multiple times per week in the early a.m. I can count on one hand the number of times a “security” guard has checked for tickets, passes or transfers in the past year. There’s a deceiving article and photos in the News-Democrat showing a “security” guard checking tickets. Sitting in the hut with the door closed seems to be their preferred location to provide “security.”

Billionaires for guv

I wonder how the smiling who’s who of St. Clair County Democrats pictured at their endorsement of a Chicago billionaire for governor are going to square that action with the local voters. Local Democratic voters regularly sound off on their hatred of Bruce Rauner because he’s a rich billionaire. They’re going to have to hate this guy, too, if they’re going to be consistent.

Wigginton knew?

Alderman Roger Wigginton stated in a letter to the BND that he was in constant contact with the Kellers regarding the Hofbrauhaus. It makes you wonder how long he’s known that they were having financial problems?

ERA is distraction

Our legislature will do anything to avoid dealing with real problems. Instead of worrying about the budget, loss of jobs and pension funding, we’re dealing with the equal rights amendment. Talk about dealing with ancient history. Don’t they have more important issues before them?

List of losses

I’ve been keeping track of the losses that we’ve had with the current city and county administration in the last 10 years. It’s a long list. We lost the Belleville school, Meredith home, money on MidAmerica Airport, the old Walmart, the congressional office for our district and the land by the Engler’s house. We’re stuck with the Hofbrauhaus and a bridge over Illinois 15 that will never be finished. We lost the flea market, most of west Belleville, the Westhaven pool. What did we get for all that? The Edge, maybe? Was it worth it?

More for TIF 3?

I live in Belleville’s TIF 3 district. My property taxes were frozen at a certain point in time and everything after that was incorporated into a TIF 3 account. Maybe the BND should investigate as to how the new 4 percent tax increase is going to effect my property taxes. Is all of it going to go into TIF 3? We need to know what’s going to happen to the money.

Clear fire exits

I read the Answer Man’s article on why one door remains locked in the exits to businesses. He makes a valid point about it slowing down a thief. However, it is a violation of the health and safety code for fire exits. The fire department doesn’t enforce it like sales displays blocking the center of aisles. The exits were all designed to be a certain size and they should be unimpeded. The fire department should do their job.

Trump gets an A

After President Trump’s first 100 days, I give him a grade of A. He’s spent most of his time undoing Obama’s socialist policies, giving the people back our freedom and security. Besides that, he’s been doing things to make us great again.

More green from Blues

About the benefit for the flood victims that the Blues sponsored, they made it seem like they were giving money on their own. None of the donations came out of the Blues’ pockets. It was their fans who did that. In their 50/50 drawing, 100 percent of that money should have gone to the victims. Or maybe they could have taken a dollar out of each of the ticket sales. Or a dollar off of the $9 cups of beer. The Blues’ only donated a few items that were auctioned off. They should have donated some money, too.