Letters to the Editor

Read with care

The following is irony. Read with care.

At a fancy restaurant I choose to order the filet mignon and lobster. My dining experience will be enhanced by this delicious meal. I shouldn’t be forced to choose a less expensive meal like chicken. I deserve to have what I want at affordable prices. It’s not fair to me to charge more for the best. All the food choices should be the same price.

A Mercedes is safer and more comfortable than a Kia. It’s my right to be as safe and comfortable as I want to be. I shouldn’t be forced to pay more for the safety I need. All cars should be the same affordable price.

I have a right to quality healthcare. If I have a pre-existing health condition I shouldn’t have to pay more for health insurance than someone who is healthy. It’s not fair to charge me more for insurance than I can afford to pay. Healthy people should subsidize sick people’s insurance.

I know I’ll need more expensive healthcare services as I grow older. I want the best insurance coverage. It’s unfair to charge me higher premiums because I’ll need more expensive services. I shouldn’t be forced to pay more than a healthy young person. If I want/need high quality I should be able to get it at a price I can afford.

If I’m poor these luxury items should be given to me free. It’s my right. You should never be asked to pay more than what you can afford.

David J. Busse, Maryville