Letters to the Editor

Expand District 203 sex education course

District 203 provides students a worthwhile education. Alumni praise the school for preparing them for their futures. However, there is a subject that the high school is not teaching enough about. Our sexual education courses are falling short.

Illinois School Code requires that sexual education courses emphasize abstinence. The lessons being taught to students at OTHS currently follows this regulation, but not much past the topic. The current health curriculum skims the surface of what they should know. If a student needed to acquire birth control or needed to be tested for an STD, they wouldn’t be sure what to do. This class is a semester of a student’s four years of high school. When we don’t give students enough now, they will turn to other sources for what they’re missing. The Internet becomes a resource for them rather than teachers who want what’s best for them.

The school’s part in sexual education is a sensitive subject. Parents believe that more information would encourage children to have sex. Giving teenagers access to more information prepares them to make the right choices when they are pressured to have sex. It assigns regulations to a teen’s sex life. Leaving them with curiosities leaves them to learn by experience instead of an adult. Our schools have a responsibility to keep our children prepared for a healthy future.

Please encourage our schools to expand our sex education course.

Mae Chapman, O’Fallon