Letters to the Editor

Consequences far outweigh the benefits

There is wisdom in understanding the consequences of an action or behavior. Something may sound like a really good idea but have consequences that are damaging. Such is the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The consequences of this far outweigh the benefits. The repeal bill lets insurance companies charge people over 60 years old as much as five times more what they charge others for the same coverage — a significant hike from today’s costs. It also reduces the tax credits that are available to help people pay for coverage, does not base the tax credits on income, and eliminates other assistance to help working families reduce out-of-pocket costs currently available in the Affordable Care Act. This is nothing more than an age tax. The AARP estimates that premiums could go up by as much as $8,400 for a 64-year-old who makes less than $20,000. Low income older adults paying more for health care is bad policy and must not be allowed to become the law of the land! Let your legislators know ... we will not allow you to victimize our older adults for the sake of profits for insurance companies.

Lynn Jarman, LINC Inc. executive director, Swansea