Letters to the Editor

We will remember Bost’s AHCA vote in 2018

On March 7, 2017, Representative Mike Bost (R) issued a public statement professing commitment to his constituents on health care. It read, in part: “We also must work to protect young adults and patients with pre-existing conditions.”

Up until a week ago, the GOP website read: “Americans should never be denied coverage or charged more because of a pre-existing condition.”

On May 4, 217 Republicans, including Bost, voted for a health care bill that will strip 24 million people of health coverage, increase rates for seniors, and weaken protections and raise rates for people with pre-existing conditions. The 50,000 people in Bost’s district who rely on Medicaid will also be in jeopardy of losing health coverage as a result of Bost’s vote. Lucky for all the millionaires in the country, the AHCA will cut their taxes.

Republicans’ promises proved false. Their website no longer mentions people not being charged more for having a pre-existing condition.

Early in the afternoon before the vote, I called Congressman Bost’s office and was told by his staff that he hadn’t seen the final language of the bill and did not have a position. How brave. I was assured, however, that the Congressman wanted to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Two hours later, Congressman Bost voted for the AHCA anyway. He must be a fast reader.

Congressman Mike Bost represents over 710,000 constituents. When he voted for the AHCA he lied to every single one of them. We will remember this vote on November 6, 2018.

Nate Keener, Alton