Letters to the Editor

A novel idea

Lefties are in a crazed tizzy over the fact that Donald Trump is their duly elected president. They thought a pantsuit in chief was a sure thing. When liar in chief Hillary Clinton and amateur in chief Barack Obama were elected you didn’t see conservatives rioting, destroying property or calling for impeachment within their first 100 days in office.

All of a sudden, to Liberals, constitutionally protected free speech and the exchange of opposing ideas are grounds for violence. If Liberals could see past the hate on their unscrupulous faces, they would see that the ends justifying the means ideology is dangerous to a free and civil democracy. The Liberals have declared war on President Trump, and lying, deceit, fabrication and borderline treason are all acceptable weapons to bring down the president of the United States. Director of Intelligence James Clapper recently testified that after 10 months of investigations by the FBI, NSA and CIA, there is no evidence of Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign and “not a single interest that was cause for concern” regarding Trumps business. Yet Liberals are still desperately fishing without so much as a hook on their line.

Here’s a novel idea. Enlighten us voters with your job creating, terrorism fighting, border security, affordable health insurance ideas. If yours are better, your guy wins the next election. So far looking at the depth of the Liberals message I can already see the 2020 election headlines: TRUMP WINS IN RECORD LANDSLIDE!

Gary Like, Highland