Letters to the Editor

Redemption through education

Two letters appeared in the May 6 BND that featured the word “ignorance.”

One letter writer cannot ever be exonerated for his ignorance because he has looked through the prism of ignorance too long.

Frankie Seaberry is another matter. She can be redeemed by education. If Seaberry believes in the One True God, represented by Judaism and Christianity, then she should know that the promise land (which is partly in Israel’s hands presently) was given to Abraham long before Moses. The promise to Israel was from the “Great Sea” (the Mediterranean) to the river Euphrates. This promise was further explained by Joshua as Israel crossed the Jordan river and Jericho was given into their hands as the walls of the city fell down under God’s great power.

This was to include parts of what is now Syria and Iraq.

From Abraham to Joshua, the children of Israel were slaves for over 400 years.

There was slavery in this country for two and a half centuries. Thank God, that scourge on this country ended in the Civil War!

We have liberty; now we just have to grab hold of it and cherish it!

Frankie, Islam is an evil religion instituted by Satan to try to destroy Christianity and Judaism. The rise of ISIS and other Islamic hate groups are a product of the teachings in the Koran. Their aim is to destroy the two religions that believe in the One True God!

I hope you now understand what is happening from a historical context.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland