Letters to the Editor

Kennedy will make Illinois the best place to call home

It is my honor and pleasure to support and endorse Chris Kennedy for governor for the state of Illinois. I have been inspired by the Kennedy’s commitment to public service. And Chris Kennedy is no exception! I was fired-up after attending a meet and greet in Caseyville, Illinois, where Kennedy spoke! I had a sense of pride and enthusiasm listening to him. Kennedy wants to restore the American dream to the people of Illinois! He has the background and leadership abilities to rescue Illinois from its current state.

He always acts with integrity, caring, empathy, thoughtfulness and from the heart – traits that will serve him well as governor. He discussed priorities like education, economic development, strengthening our unions, the Arts, pensions, teachers, environment, farming and the youth of our state.

I believe Chris Kennedy is the only candidate to restore hope and the American dream to the state of Illinois as governor. His leadership and charisma will make Illinois the best place to call home!

Vote Chris Kennedy, governor for Illinois!

Gary Stein, O’Fallon