Letters to the Editor

Obama’s ‘too little, too late’ policies

Writer Lee Pitzer would have you believe that I am some simple-minded moron who doesn’t have a clue about war and contingency planning. It was some years ago, but I designed and wrote the first computer programs for war and contingency planning in the military when I was Chief of the Command and Control Automation Systems Division in the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, HQs Military Airlift Command (MAC). A number of times I represented MAC at the Joint Chiefs of Staff war planning sessions and studies where the MAC Automated War Planning System was used.

Now let’s look at Col. Pitzer’s analysis of my letter. He says we could not supply rebel forces in Syria because they were dissimilar with different objectives. Strange, Barack Obama did eventually supply Kurdish rebels with equipment including Special Operations American troops. Our people could have vetted rebel forces to determine which ones to arm. And just what had Obama planned to do when he drew the “line in the sand”? Now about not bombing Syrian Air Fields because it might get Russia involved. Early in the war Russia and Iran were not actively engaged in Syria until later on. The U.S. had plenty of time to destroy the Syrian Air Force and bomb supply routes without Russian intervention. American experience in Syria is another example of Obama’s “too little, too late” policies. As far as the world forgetting about the 400,000 dead Syrians, they have never forgotten the millions Adolf Hitler killed.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville