Letters to the Editor

‘Affordable’ Care Act is not affordable

I am sad to hear Sarah Borgstede’s story. But now, sadly, the unaffordable, unusable insurance of which she speaks has now been inflicted on all of us. Have you checked the price of so-called health insurance on the exchanges? $14,000 per year for a family, with a deductible close to $10,000. What good is that kind of “coverage”?

That’s what you get for the so-called “Affordable” Care Act. And Obama’s program only pays $45 billion for high-risk populations. The Republican bill triples that to $138 billion. (But that’s not enough for Democrats, who want $200 billion, but don’t want you to know how little their own plan paid.) We need to make health coverage affordable again and obtainable. The ACA does neither. It is time for it to be repealed and replaced with a plan that brings obscene prices down again.

Tom Hobson, Belleville