Letters to the Editor

The recession of 2008 will look like a walk in the park

I take issue with a letter from Lee Pitzer. He states that we owe Barack Obama our gratitude for a job well done. I guess I don’t see things with rose-colored glasses like Pitzer. When Obama was elected in 2008 he promised to change Washington and unite America. Nobody would argue this country is united. In fact the turmoil of Obama’s years reminds me of the unrest of the 60s civil rights movement. This turmoil helped get Donald Trump elected. Maybe Trump should send Obama a thank you note. And anyone who thinks he changed Washington for the better needs to stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.

He also points to the lower unemployment rate. While it is true the unemployment rate has dropped, how was this done? The new jobs are lower paying jobs, so those returning to the work force are now living at a lower standard of living. And Obama financed these jobs by putting our country deeply in debt. In 2009 when he took office the national debt was $10.7 trillion. Now it is $19.5 trillion. He nearly doubled our debt. If Trump doesn’t rein in this runaway government spending our creditors will soon call in our loans. This will force the U.S. to live within our means. That means no government credit card. Tens of thousands will lose their jobs first and then the economy will collapse to the point the recession of 2008 will look like a walk in the park.

Jim Macke, Swansea