Letters to the Editor

When will this ever end?

Why would County Board Chairman Mark Kern, County Democrat leader Robert Sprague and two attorneys donate a total of $11,500 to a mayoral candidate in an impoverished village of 2,000? The Census Bureau reports 40 percent of the residents are children under the age of 18, leaving 1,200 adults. Using a generous figure of 30 percent voter turnout in the consolidated election, or 360 voters, these leading Democrats spent a remarkable $31.94 per vote for a village with a 40 percent poverty rate. All of us need to ask why these officials and attorneys spent so much money on a mayoral race in Alorton. Now the newly elected mayor wants a new car. What’s next? A no-limit American Express card, dinners at Ruth’s Chris, trips to Las Vegas, mayoral conferences in swell hotels, unbalanced books and ending with the FBI once again taking out boxes of records from the Village Hall? When will this ever end?

Phil Henning, Smithton