Letters to the Editor

Why don’t soldiers have a BackStoppers like police officers?

I’m standing on thin ice, but I need to put things into perspective.

The news media won’t let it rest. They just keep harping like a bunch of bleeding hearts. This officer in St. Louis who lost his life in the line of duty needs to be laid to rest. I’m going to compare him to any and all soldiers killed in the line of duty in a distant land.

The soldier has been away from home for a year when he dies. It may take two weeks for his body to be brought home.

What kind of back up support does his young wife and kids get? Does the money of his allotment keep coming? I think not.

This soldier has not seen his wife and kids for a year. No birthdays or holidays. He didn’t get to see his kid’s play or music concerts or football games that year.

He didn’t get to come home every night and hug or kiss his wife.

Now, after the funeral, what happens to his family? Where’s their BackStoppers?

Does his life mean any less than the officer’s life who came home every night?

The soldier gets buried and that’s it. He doesn’t get special ceremonies and his name read at the White House for three or four months. He can’t say I quit and go home when he’s had enough.

Why does the news media think the officer’s life is so more special than the soldier?

Dennis Kaufmann, Belleville