Letters to the Editor

He’s blaming the wrong party

Fake blame GOP letters are 101 percent useless.

For approximately 25 years, I have been reading letters to the editor in all the local newspapers. I would conservatively estimate that I have read over 500 letters from Gene Robke. In 100 percent of his letters, he blames the GOP.

I will give you several reasons why these fake blame GOP letters are 101 percent useless.

With each election, Clinton County turns redder. When Gene started writing, Clinton County was blue and is now very red. Over the past several years, the Republicans have won every contested race — all by landslide margins.

Nationally, Gene’s Democrats have had disastrous results too.

After the 2016 election, Republicans have gained 1100 seats, which includes the Supreme Court, President, both houses and 13 governorships, etc. This is the most seats that the Republicans have acquired in nearly 100 years. If Gene’s blame letters are correct, why have the Republicans gained additional seats?

Gene is blaming the wrong party.

Finally, I would like to say that if Gene wants to stop this hemorrhage, he should start doing “intelligent analysis” and find out the “why.”

Why have they lost 1100 seats? Why has Clinton County turned red? Why did Clinton get less than 25 percent of the vote in Clinton County and so on.

Blaming everyone but yourself or your party is the easy, unintelligent way. The past 25 years have proven this.

Del Kloeckner, Germantown