Letters to the Editor

Help me get my reparation plus interest

This letter is in response to letter writer, Gary Like, who made the following statements:

“Seaberry writes racist, anti-white comments.” — No, I appointed myself as a responder to those who feel they’re licensed to make derogatory statements about blacks.

“Seaberry regurgitates slavery as if it’s the law today.” — Slavery today is welfare, rather than jobs.

“She holds all whites responsible for the woes of all blacks.” — No, only those whites in positions of making the playing fields level, but refuse to do so.

“Black people were sold into slavery by their own race.” — I say let the black hellions who sold slaves continue to burn in hell like the white hellions who bought them.

“Seaberry wants reparation from the ancestors of whites because blacks are still suffering.” — Not true. I want reparations for my ancestors’ free labor from whomever.

“Why didn’t Obama do something about black suffering?” — Obama tried to help all the people in every arena from health care to education. With the do-nothing Congress, he performed miracles.

Gary Like wondered if I’m a descendant of slaves or just trying to cash in. — Yes, I am a descendant of slaves. With the exception of a white great-grandfather, my other great-grands were slaves born in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, etc. and sold to Mississippi slave owners. So, Gary Like, help me get my reparation plus interest since I asked for reparation about 10 or 15 years ago.

Responses to other letter writers concerning racial matters will be forthcoming.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville