Letters to the Editor

Consider attending a community college before a university

What the?! It was the knee-jerk response upon my beholding the pretzel beneath the sink. Here’s the story: I needed a certain do-dad, and I thought it might reside in the nary-ever visited vanity in the main bathroom. Upon opening the door I gazed upon the somewhat bizarre plumbing configuration that had had my attention years before. I vaguely remember comforting myself at the time with the thought: “It’s only a drain. A little leakage is acceptable.” And, sure enough, the wet drip catcher lay below.

Well, this experience reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a dear loved one. Somehow we arrived at the topic of schooling and the familiar notion was floated that not all are cut out for college, and the trades might be an alternative (plumber?). I almost had to laugh. You see, rather than an object of condescension, actually knowing how to do something is a good thing; and learning how to take a test or repeating your progressive professor’s drivel doesn’t count. So, Mom and Dad, before sending your loved one to Liberal U, consider a two-year community college like SWIC first. Unpretentious and student-oriented it offers the gamut of “give it a try” trade opportunities. And, if the four-year degree is a must, get the generals out of the way for less money, along with a chance to grow up a little before facing the onslaught of the Ivory Tower elite.

Robert Edwards, Granite City