Letters to the Editor

How will Democrats create jobs without hurting workers?

I read the BND article, “House Dems say their budget plan would create jobs without hurting workers.” I didn’t see one sentence on how Michael Madigan’s puppets were going to achieve this. Will Jay Hoffman force IDOT to hire more unqualified friends? Will these lawyers fix the workmen’s compensation program?

Representative Barbara Flynn Currie has been in Springfield doing Madigan’s bidding since 1979, Lou Lang since 1987, Hoffman since 1991, Arthur Turner since 2010. Debtocrats have been in power for decades. Businesses and good jobs are fleeing Illinois. Debtocrats voted for it. BND reported one in two Illinois residents gave up looking for a job. Madigan’s Debtocrats voted for it. Illinois has a $12 billion debt. Debtocrats voted for it. As Illinois crumbles, they regurgitate the same tired lines, “We are for the working class, education, seniors, blah, blah, blah.” If they really meant it, Illinois wouldn’t be one of the worst States in the Union. So now Madigan’s fabulous four have a solution? Higher Taxes? Typical Debtocratic solution for everything! None of them take any responsibility for contributing to the years of decay and fiscal destruction in Illinois.

These morally corrupt Democratic politicians are unable to fulfill their basic responsibilities to the voters and the State of Illinois. They only serve themselves and their Master, Mike Madigan. Remember the quote, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” When will the Illinois voters stop believing the lies of the absolutely corrupt?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon