Letters to the Editor

Illinois’ future depends on Gov. Rauner’s reelection

J.B. Pritzker is just another Chicago politician looking out for himself. An investigative report recently revealed that Pritzker took advantage of a property tax loophole only available to billionaires so he could save nearly $250,000 a year on his property tax bill. He purchased his neighbor’s Chicago mansion for $3.7 million and then claimed it was “uninhabitable,” but pictures of the mansion tell a different story. This “uninhabitable” claim allows Pritzker to save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Even worse, he applied for the loophole again this year.

Meanwhile, the rest of us homeowners foot the bill and Pritzker continues to shortchange school children. Pritzker, Michael Madigan, and their cronies want taxpayers to pony up more of their hard-earned dollars to pay for the same broken government, while they get tax breaks and special deals. That’s wrong.

Fortunately for taxpayers and Illinois families, Gov. Bruce Rauner is fighting to end the Pritzker and Madigan’s rigged system.

Gov. Rauner has a plan to balance the budget, cap out-of-control spending, and pass long-overdue reforms to state government like a property tax freeze so billionaires like Pritzker can’t game the system any longer. And yes, Governor Rauner is open to compromise, but he knows we can’t afford this rigged system any longer. He knows we need reform – now. That’s why I support Gov. Rauner. He must be reelected. Illinois’ future depends upon it.

Barbara Viviano, O’Fallon