Letters to the Editor

Questioning the sanity of those who hired Candace Wanzo

Did no one else cringe and question the sanity of those who hired Candace Wanzo? I was always told that if your credit was not reasonable and your history in question, you’d never get invited to interview for a job. Ms. Wanzo embezzled funds from SIUE, court conviction requiring restitution of $233,500. In 25 years’ time she has only returned $89,111 and owes $144,280.

How did she get the high-paying job as assistant director of motor vehicles for the state of Illinois? Is she related to a Madigan or some other politician? If she ran off with funds before, in her position collecting money for vanity plates, she might be tempted again. How was this a reasonable choice for this job? And if she is being paid so handsomely, why is it not coming out as a garnished wage? She needs to live more simply to repay the full debt.

Margaret Godwin Bergmark, Lebanon