Letters to the Editor

Trump’s patriotism

Patriotism was center stage during the presidential campaign of 2016. As usual, Republicans captured the patriotic high ground early in the campaign. Their chosen candidate, Donald Trump, used patriotism entwined with his flair for the farcical to bash his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He painted Clinton as a treasonous political insider bent on turning America into an oligarchy, which she would control and profit from. Many Americans bought Trump’s patriotic sales pitch. The Electoral College crowned him president. He and his group of political misfits went to Washington ... flags waving.

Webster defines patriot as “one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.” In a span of only four months as president, Trump and his administrators have with their sinister financial dealings and seemingly treasonous behavior sown the seeds of distrust in American democracy, and have alienated heretofore staunch allies around the world.

So it is with great irony that Republicans continue to wave the flag and tout their patriotism as revelation upon revelation peel-back the obfuscating veneer covering the surreptitious dealings of Trump and his band of errant officials. And the Republican Congress twiddles! Will real patriots emerge, those who love their country and possess a burning desire to defend our Constitutional Republic and support its authority and interests? Or will the Republican hypocrites continue to stand with Trump, hoping that their Master will share with them his misbegotten booty?

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, MO