Letters to the Editor

What is the purpose of it?

Wow! All that back and forth to explain reasons for why people do what they do. As far back as I can remember, that’s about from 1937 forward, marriage as I knew it was one man and one woman. No one had to explain that or make excuses for it. Now, even today in 2017 there is still no one making excuses for it. Later it was a police issue when they arrested people/men using public restrooms because they wouldn’t be caught seen by anyone they knew and identified as a pervert. The only way people seem to be accepting of this kind of behavior is that most people are tired of hearing about it and just keep their mouth shut as well as laws that have been imposed. Living this way serves no purpose except to limit population growth. So, what is the purpose of it? The family is the reason for a man to marry a woman. What kind of reasoning makes a man sleep with a man?

Richard L. Shelton, Fairview Heights