Letters to the Editor

God’s justice extends to those who presume on His Mercy

We are reaping the rewards of the Reformed Catholic Church instituted by Pope Paul VI; the church has fallen dramatically in numbers and has lost its position as the world’s largest religion.

This can be contributed directly to the implementation of the vernacular, in our case the English mass, the suicide of altering the Faith, and her liturgy has wreaked havoc with the faithful, they do not know what to expect at mass.

The Reformed Catholic Mass has given license to the pastors and their vocal minority parishioners to run rough shod over the true faithful, and be its own Vatican and decide within itself how mass should be celebrated in their parish, on any given Sunday.

The innovators who have dismantled the Sacred Chapel, destroyed the true Faith of the Church, and have made her feel remorse for her past, will ultimately get their reward.

Unfortunately those who sit silent are contributing to this travesty, they as well must remember, God’s justice extends to those who presume on His Mercy.

Lee Harris, Belleville