Letters to the Editor

Don’t be a prisoner of your past

In response to Frankie Seaberry wanting her reparations, plus interest, my husband and I will not be participating. My ancestors were French-Canadian and American Indian. The European side of my family did not come to this country until the 1880s, after slavery had ended. My husband’s family came here earlier, but they were farmers and coal miners in the Appalachian area. His father has done a great deal of ancestry research and can clearly demonstrate none of his family owned slaves. So, be on notice Frankie — we will not be among the “whomever” from which you seek reparation. Here’s some food for thought that I found on the Internet — “Don’t be a prisoner of your past. It was a lesson, not a life sentence.” By the way, since I am one-sixteenth American Indian; where is my money?

Connie Myers, Fairview Heights