Letters to the Editor

I can see why so many young people are sent to prison

My wife and I are raising three special needs grandchildren. The oldest one was convicted of a felony last July. Since then, it has become a nightmare.

She stole our car and ditched it in Granite City at 3 a.m. No charges were filed.

She is smoking pot. She is supposed to take random drug tests but refuses.

She is mentally and physically assaulting us and refuses to come home for days on end. The probation officer will not do anything about it.

We met with the probation officer and told her of our concerns. Nothing was done. I guess the St. Clair County judicial system only wants the probation fees we have to send in.

The probation officer once told my granddaughter, “I hope that I don’t read about you in the newspaper one day.”

I have news for you. You will read about her in the paper one day, and I hope you ask yourself, “Could I have saved this child?”

With no repercussions, I can see why so many young people are being sent to prison.

Lawrence O’Dell, O’Fallon