Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on state budget, MidAmerica Airport, Confederacy

Hey, Springfield!

Taxpayers in Illinois, the legislature has a new plan to fix our money woes. They want to tax services like automotive repair, dry cleaning, barbers or home remodel projects. They’re also talking about a tax on sugary beverages. Here we are with Democrats running this bankrupt state, the budget shortfall is unbelievable and the pension is upside down to the tune of $130 billion. Census figures show that 34,200 Illinois residents have pulled up stakes and moved to Indiana. I don’t know about the other states, that’s just Indiana. That’s not counting businesses that have left because of the tax structure. Why don’t our local politicians do something about this?

$6,153 per flight

How exciting, Allegiant Airlines will have 25 flights per week in and out of MidAmerica. Who would have thought MMA would finally have 25 flights a week after being open 17 years and costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions. Cantrell will be in for a big, big bonus this year. At this rate, MidAmerica will have to start expanding the airport and spending real money to get to 30 flights. In 2016, Southwest Airlines had over 100 departures per day from Lambert. MMA should only cost the taxpayers $8 million this year. Roughly figuring, the taxpayers are subsidizing $6,153 for each Allegiant flight.

Useless for governor

Chris Kennedy spoke in Caseyville about his bid to become the next Democratic governor of Illinois. Or as some people say, anybody but the Madigan-backed billionaire, J.B. Pritzker. Obama said he supports Kennedy. That has to tell you something, when a incompetent community organizer is backing you. It was hard to keep from laughing out loud when Kennedy said he was for education, economic development, unions, pensions, teachers and the environment. Same line of bull you hear from all Democrats right before they raise your taxes again. Didn’t hear one word on how he plans to solve the economic problems in Illinois. Typical useless politician.

Maroon Way wrong way

I just drove on West Frank-Scott Parkway past the Maroon’s stoplight signal. It probably cost $250,000 to put in. It’s never been functional and looks like it’s about to fall down. Nice work, St. Clair County Highway Department.

Confederate vandalism

I’m calling about the Confederate monument that was vandalized and had “Black Lives Matter,” spray-painted on it. Why isn’t anybody talking about how that’s a hate crime? If somebody painted, “KKK” on Michael Brown’s memorial, we’d have riots going on and protests in the street.

No tax break for vets

On my tax bill, it says that if you’re a disabled veteran, you’re exempt from property taxes. I know veterans who are living in $600,000 homes who pay absolutely no taxes. This is getting out of hand. We can’t keep supporting all of these people. If you’ve lost all your limbs, I believe that you should be helped. But some people who are claiming this exemption have no injuries. They work and have six-figure jobs. No wonder people are leaving the state.

Voting for taxes

I hope everyone has seen their tax bill. Remember how we, the county, voted down the tax increases? The politicians keep increasing it. I hope whoever voted for these people are happy. What a nightmare we’ll have if Rauner gets beaten in the election by a Democrat. Nobody will have any money.

Smelly Belleville

Just one simple question for Mayor Eckert and the bobbleheads: with all these TIFs bringing in new development with its added revenue, why would you have to raise property taxes? Maybe it is time for an independent audit of the city’s finances because something just doesn’t smell right.

Seniors need exercise

As a senior citizen and a member of the PSOP, I want to express my concern about SWIC trying to cancel the PSOP exercise program. It has been there for 10 years. It provides seniors with the chance to get healthy, friendship and kindness. The program is self-funded because we pay our tuition. Many of the seniors are upset because we look forward to this. We’re asking that SWIC and the taxpayers of Illinois reconsider keeping the program and our present instructor.


Riding on MetroLink is like riding the stage coach in the Old West. Danger lurks along every inch of the track. Is MetroLink safe and will it ever be safe? Probably not. With more safety officers patrolling it, the criminals will just move farther along the route waiting for the opportunity to strike. They come in groups, so what is one officer going to do? If you use the MetroLink to travel to the airport, you have a huge target on your back.

Scam warning

Does everyone know about the scam where someone calls you from the Illinois State Police Association and they want you to donate money? They send you a sticker. I’ve seen people driving around with the sticker. I called the Illinois State Police in Collinsville and they said it’s a scam. Do not give them any information because they want your debit card information. They also call and say they’re from the Veteran’s Administration. It’s the same guy with the same automated voice. Watch out who you give your information to.

Duebbert did good

I’d like to sound off about the bashing of Ron Duebbert and calling him “Dolla Bill.” As far as I’m concerned, Duebbert didn’t do anything wrong. He wasn’t involved in anything, but because he offered the man a room that makes him suspect? Could he read the man’s mind and know he was going to commit murder? He’s gay and the public didn’t know he was, but now they know and they’re upset about it. Duebbert is a good, decent man who’s Christian and cares about children.

Circus leaves town

I’m glad the Ringling Brothers Circus finally shut down. These people were known animal abusers. They have tortured animals for all of the years that they were opened. Now they’re closed forever and we can finally give these animals some peace.

Highland development OK’d

It was de ja vu in the Highland City Council meeting on May 15. Again, the packed room of residents protesting the zoning changes and special use permits of Christ Korte, Brad Wilken, and Austin Wilken could have been saved a lot of time if the council had just told these folks up front that they were going to approve all changes. Residents spent precious time sharing their opinions, concerns and facts that these changes would hurt their property values, affect traffic adversely and contribute to current water issues and not improve Highland. They didn’t care. We should vote in someone who will.

Good, bad of Comey

The President of the United States fired one of his employees. He just happens to be the same one that the Democrats blamed for their candidate not winning. But when the Democrats wanted him fired before the election, they considered him a scoundrel. I understand that the Democrats didn’t like Comey, but now they’re upset that he’s fired. You can’t have it both ways. Either he’s not a good person because he cost Hillary the election or he’s a good person because Trump fired him. Yet he’s the same person.

Run country, not mouth

Trump calls Comey “a nut job.” Hear the pot calling the kettle black. Here is a strategy for the Donald — start running this country and stop running your mouth

Lie until it’s true

I believe we’re seeing the beginning of the end of our country. President Trump said that he’s going to drain the swamp. I don’t think he knew the size of the swamp monsters that he was going to deal with. When the main-stream media is walking arm-in-arm with the Democrats, our liberty and freedom has been taken away. When have you ever heard the media question liberals as they call the Republicans racist or any other name? When you listen to the media’s questions and reporting of the president, it is out of the liberal playbook. They want to overwhelm us with “unknown sources” and reports so that we get fed up with it all. Tell a lie enough and it becomes the truth.

Road to ruin

John Waldron, the Caseyville Township highway commissioner, gave himself an $8,000 raise. He’s getting $60,000 a year to sit in his tavern all day.

Identify sources

I’d like to call the BND out on a recent story about cursive writing in the state’s schools. In the story, you quoted comments from a city of Belleville alderwoman, Michelle Schaefer. You failed to identify that she was a city of Belleville alderperson. The folks in her district deserve to know if her comments are political, personal or represent those of her employer, District 118.

Taxed for art

As a Belleville taxpayer, I’m wondering why I have to pay for Art on the Square. Why is it that Patty Gregory has all of this money to give out prizes but we’re stuck with paying thousands of dollars for hosting this event? Why doesn’t the BND look at her return for the 501(c)3 and see where all of this money is coming from and where it’s going to?

Blame non-voters

I allege that the left-wing politicians are using the methods of divine rule, pitting race against race. The reason these two-bit politicians are successful is due to the high percentage of non-voting, registered voters.

Nickel’s worth of sense

I purchased an item in Fairview Heights and it rang up $3.04. I handed the cashier a five dollar bill but then I found a nickel. I asked the cashier if she could take it and she said, “No, it’s already rung up.” But, I said, this is a nickel, just give me a penny and two ones back. Young people can’t count change anymore. These are the same people who want $15 an hour.