Letters to the Editor

Heading 180 degrees in the wrong direction

“Values voters.” This is the term Right-Wing fundamentalist “Christians” call themselves. What are their “values”? They want to outlaw abortion. Many don’t want exceptions made for pregnancy from rape or incest. They often blame the rape victim because she looked too “sexy.”

They oppose LGBT rights, especially same-sex marriage. Some say being transgender is a “disease.” Many still believe gays and lesbians can be “cured” of their “condition.”

They oppose government programs for the needy. Their attitude is that the poor are at fault for their condition, and even go so far as saying they are poor because “God” is angry with them.

They deny that human-caused climate change is real. Most oppose environmental regulations, since “God” gave people dominion over the Earth, so humans have the right to use it up for economic gain. They are often hostile to science. Many don’t believe in evolution.

Most of their beliefs come from the Old Testament, though they call themselves “Christians.” The Jesus of the New Testament was compassionate and kind. He spent much time with nature. He never mentions homosexuality; nor does he pass judgment on sexual misconduct. He is NOT the Jesus of “values voters.”

Sadly, many Trump cabinet members are typical “values voter” types. This means that their policies reflect their narrow-minded views.

This country should be enlightened, compassionate and progressive. We need a positive sense of national community, not a path of ignorance and hate.

Unfortunately, we seem headed 180 degrees in the wrong direction.

Larry L. Brown, Glen Carbon