Letters to the Editor

Remove the blinders from our eyes and wash the blood from our hands

With all the Russian rubbish and the James Comey conflagration occupying the headlines lately, President Donald Trump’s expansion of the Mexico City Policy barely caused a blip on the news radar. What is said policy? Well, originally, it was, and is a prohibition of U.S. Federal funds being used to perform or promote abortions by foreign non-government family planning organizations. Ronald Reagan started it; Bill Clinton rescinded it. George W. Bush reinstated it; Barack Obama rescinded it. And now, predictably, Trump has reinstated it, but, going one step further, this restriction now applies to ALL foreign health related aid, not just family planning. In other words, if you want U.S. funding for healthcare, none of it can be tied to abortion.

Now, understandably, those who fail to recognize the divine spark in even the smallest representative of humanity are incensed. These include, predictably, godless academics, apostate (or ignorant) clergy, much of the media and, sadly, the Democratic Party en masse. So, again I find myself lamenting that the party of Thomas Jefferson; the party of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman and John Kennedy, has been hijacked by the immoral left with nary a peep from those who give them power. It is my prayer, therefore, that the preachers in the party repent and refocus before real refining comes from the Lord. Don’t like Trump? Want him gone? Then let’s start by removing the blinders from our eyes and washing the blood off our hands. For in the area of infanticide, he is far more righteous than we.

Robert Edwards, Granite City