Letters to the Editor

Remembering JFK’s birthday, but continue looking for truth behind death

All doctors and nurses who attended John F. Kennedy upon his arrival at Parkland Memorial Hospital on Nov. 22, 1963, observed two wounds — a small entrance wound to the neck and a baseball-sized blown out area in the occipital parietal region of the back of his head. This second wound was indicative of an exit wound caused by a frontal shot to the right temple.

The Warren Commission Report, issued 10 months later, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the rear, completely controverting the observations of the Parkland staff as given above. It can be shown beyond a reasonable doubt this reversal was accomplished by altering and fabricating the physical evidence. Here’s a short list of what I consider four of the most critical aspects of this cover up. 1) Kennedy’s wounds were altered and his brain surgically removed prior to the autopsy (per David Lifton). 2) The original limo windshield was removed and destroyed (per Doug Weldon). 3) The Zapruder film was altered (per Doug Horne) to hide the blow out in the rear of Kennedy’s skull. 4) Arlen Specter and Gerald Ford fabricated the “single bullet theory” which merged four separate shots (two into Kennedy; two into John Connally) into one shot. These four maneuvers were needed to frame Oswald as the lone assassin.

On May 29, 2017, let’s remember the great achievements accomplished during Kennedy’s abbreviated tenure as the 35th president on his 100th birthday observance. Let’s also strive to uncover the truth of the events that prevented him from carrying out his goals.

Thomas Fohne, Columbia